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Integrated Power Services - IPS

Integrated Power Services

INDUSTRY: Industrial / Service / Manufacturing

Building the nation’s biggest independent industrial power services brand


In 2007, our Rockwell Automation client referred us to the senior management of a power services start-up with eleven service centers across the U.S.


The company planned a platform consolidation, using a coast-to-coast network to build market share in an industry dominated by regional players.




  • New company with no name, brand or marketing
  • Well-established regional competitors focusing on specific industries
  • Building a brand strong enough to support platform consolidation and acquisition strategy, while driving awareness and engagement in selected verticals
  • Using the brand as a national banner, to build a strong, unified company culture from a growing national network of add-ons


  • Brand Geometry™ —
    (Brand strategy and communications planning)
  • Website
  • Social
  • Video
  • Internal communications
  • Direct response
  • Tradeshow displays
  • Literature/fulfillment program
  • Editorial content
IPS Logo - radii

Branding / Positioning and Messaging

We named the company Integrated Power Services and focused on the most effective way to differentiate it from its established regional competition.

Continuous process industries hate unplanned downtime, which can cost U.S. industry about $260,000 per hour, so asset reliability is essential.

The company’s all-important deliverable is in the tagline, with the three blue triangles representing repair services, field services and distribution.

The blue we chose is a reassuring contrast to the color red, which typically indicates electrical or mechanical problems in rotating assets.

ips portfolio strategic development - radii

A migration path for new acquisitions

IPS completed three acquisitions shortly after opening their doors. We helped the company bring these regional brands into the family, preserving their brand equity as they transitioned to their new IPS identity.

Web Development IPS - radii

The digital hub of IPS marketing

We launched the first IPS site early in 2008 and have managed and optimized it from Day One.

The site ( is single-minded about the IPS value proposition, featuring solutions that create substantial value by eliminating unplanned downtime.

The site content and design also serve as the foundation of the IPS social media program.

ips linked in - social media

Direct response targeting qualified customers

IPS has always been agnostic on “repair versus replace,” making its recommendations based on lower cost of ownership. This regional direct response campaign focused on the company’s ability to repair motors to “better than new,” with upgraded horsepower or efficiency.


We also used the campaign to tout the decades of experience IPS technicians offer, as well as their unmatched ability to source motors of all sizes, from fractional horsepower units up to monster AC & DC motors.

Using video to show IPS service centers in action

IPS has always said that prospects who visit their service centers typically become customers. We help them accelerate this process by bringing IPS people and service centers to their prospects.

IPS Video development - radii

A creative strategy to build esprit de corps (and share IPS requirements and expectations)

In addition to handling IPS external communications, we also support their internal communications to the company’s 30 locations in the U.S. and Canada.


IPS service centers are hundreds or thousands of miles away from each other, so we work with our client to build a shared sense of purpose and commitment.

An active tradeshow program designed for tactical flexibility

We support the IPS tradeshow program with booth designs and banner-ups that are easy to re-skin, quickly and cost-effectively.

The results are in — radiiation works

IPS has grown from a start-up in 2007 to become the 800-lb. gorilla of power services. It now has 32 locations across North America — with more to come. Following their first wave of acquisitions, there’s been no question about what brand new IPS locations will operate under. New associates welcome the opportunity to be part of an industry leader.


This company is now the leading independent brand in industrial power services, recognized for its engineering, service and repair by both OEMs and continuous process companies.


For more details on any of this, and how this experience might be relevant to your business,
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