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Diligent BCA Logo - Brand Design

Diligent BCA

INDUSTRY: Financial

Launching a new bank credit advisory services brand


By the time the principals of Diligent Bank Credit Advisors opened their doors, they had looked at a lot of bank records. And when we say “look,” we mean “diligence.”


Diligent’s core business is buy-side due diligence support for the acquisition of whole banks or bank loan portfolios. Their primary deliverable is a technical report supporting their estimates of expected loss.


These reports help banks, bank investors, investment bankers, and government and regulatory agencies make better informed decisions about buying and selling banks and bank loan portfolios.



  • Zero brand awareness
  • Incumbent advisors — larger firms were often already embedded into prospects’ operational processes
  • Prospects didn’t understand the substantial experience base, depth or intricacy of Diligent’s review process, which meant they didn’t understand the value



  • Branding and positioning built around the principals’ specialized experience, skill set and deliverables
  • Website
  • Customized data sheets and presentations


  • Logo Design
  • Web Development
  • Content Marketing
  • Business Development
  • Presentation
  • Collateral Design


The logo includes a contemporary font (bankers love their serifs), a checkmark and a period — both symbolizing completed diligence. We wrote the positioning line “Diligence for actionable intelligence,” which summarizes the firm’s value proposition in four words.

Diligent Logo Design
Diligent Web Design


This is a simple site — a clean, well-lit space with engaging content on the firm’s services suite and its value to target markets.

Diligent Collateral Design


Specialty financial services marketing needs data sheets — content written for decision-makers and key influencers, such as board members or investors.

Diligent Signage