radii creates brand and marketing platform for Diligent Bank Credit Advisors - radii
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Diligent BCA Brand Development

radii creates brand and marketing platform for Diligent Bank Credit Advisors

Diligent is a Greenville, SC-based firm that provides estimates of cumulative expected credit loss for community bank loan portfolios. They work with banks, bank investors, investment banks, and government and regulatory entities involved in the sale of whole banks or loan portfolios.

We worked closely with Diligent’s management on brand development, creating a new brand, value proposition, messaging architecture and visual identity. Our development process included ongoing conversations with Diligent’s principals and extensive market research.

We built a brand identity and value proposition based on Diligent’s highly specialized skills and experience, and then created a website to support their aggressive growth objectives. The site includes a modern, responsive design built on the WordPress CMS.

Diligent Print and Collateral Design
Jay Kirkman

Jay works on the front end of assignments, developing strategies and creative concepts, and writing copy. A self-described "engineering groupie," he thrives on talking to engineers about their work and using their insights in the content we develop.