A new website for a US-owned and operated velvet mill - radii
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A new website for a US-owned and operated velvet mill

When we started working with Dawn Pechin on the new KM Fabrics website last fall, we all had a clear vision of what we wanted. A clean, well-lit space showcasing KM’s drapery, upholstery and specialty fabrics. Vivid colors popping against white backgrounds. And tight, informative content with zero blah blah blah.

As one of only a few US-owned and operated velvet mills in the industry, KM has a value proposition that runs deeper than “Made in the USA” cheerleading. They make decadently luxurious, high-quality fabrics. They deliver them with lead times offshore mills can’t match. They work closely with customers on custom color development.

We told that story as simply as we could, keeping in mind that product images and colors drive user engagement. We also explained the difference between velvet and velour, because not everyone knows.

It’s early, but the initial reviews validate these creative choices.

Is your site as simple and effective as it could be?
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Jay Kirkman

Jay works on the front end of assignments, developing strategies and creative concepts, and writing copy. A self-described "engineering groupie," he thrives on talking to engineers about their work and using their insights in the content we develop.