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A hot wrap for some hot laps

We do a lot of experiential branding work for Michelin and their Laurens Proving Ground (LPG). These projects usually focus on energizing workspaces — offices, classrooms and other work environments.

This particular work environment is a 2007 Corvette Z06. Our LPG clients plan to use it for product demos on their high-speed track and asked us for a custom car wrap. They wanted a race car look, paying homage to Michelin, Laurens Proving Grounds and their history of engineering.

A sponsor livery built around Bib.

Bibendum has been the face of the Michelin brand since 1898, so he’s the dominant element in our design, which we based on the branding of earlier Michelin-sponsored Corvettes. In the end, we collected, rebuilt or created fifteen art files for our overlay elements.

Our production and installation partner, The Print Machine (TPM) gave us a base color that worked with Michelin’s brand guidelines. This shade of blue has a pearlescent finish with a subtle holographic property. It adds a depth of hue that pops well against the gloss finish used for the yellow accents and graphic overlays.

These shots came from LPG’s high-speed track, where the car is ready to give visitors a jolt of adrenaline.

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Mindy Kirkman

Mindy has the unenviable task of being the adult in the room, managing the business, nurturing client relationships, gently disposing of ill-advised headlines and maintaining all the data our clients would ever need, to summon with the click of a mouse.