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Three words sum up the value of a sustainable by-product management solution for steelmakers

TMS International provides mill services to steel makers around the world, doing everything on-site except running production. This includes by-product management — dealing with slag, the lava-like by-product mills are left with after separating metals from raw ore.

Visit a mill and you’ll see mountains of slag, enough to fill a zip code. Traditionally, mills have sold these waste streams at a loss to aggregate producers, or bit the bullet and landfilled them.

Recognizing an opportunity, TMS International joined forces with another radii client, J.C. Steele & Sons, to introduce Extruded Product Services (EPS). EPS unlocks the high-value metallics in slag, recycling them for use in production.


Leaner, cleaner & greener

The technology has been proven around the world. Our task is to help TMS and Steele build on this success and show more metals producers why EPS is such a good idea.

It’s a straightforward value proposition — instead of paying for landfilling or selling by-products at a loss, mills can use EPS to convert these by-products to feedstock for their furnaces, which they have to buy anyway.

We boiled that down to three words — leaner, cleaner and greener. And after showing the problem, we noted the millions of dollars EPS can deliver in landfill savings, because numbers like that make operators sit up and take notice.

Add a little SFX to sweeten the final shot and you have a video designed to convert.

Do you have an engineered solution to sell? We can help you sell it, with videos like this to show the benefits of your technology, engineering and integration, simply and vividly.


For more on EPS, visit For the lowdown on the stiff extrusion technology at the heart of the solution, visit

Jay Kirkman

Jay works on the front end of assignments, developing strategies and creative concepts, and writing copy. A self-described "engineering groupie," he thrives on talking to engineers about their work and using their insights in the content we develop.