How does a B2B brand development firm end up working with Clemson? - radii
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How does a B2B brand development firm end up working with Clemson?

We usually stay in our lane, working with engineering-driven companies and professional services firms across the U.S. However, when a former client with Rockwell Automation called, asking if we’d like to produce philanthropy videos for Clemson Forever, we said yes.

This was a chance for us to reconnect with a favorite client, one who knew she could trust us to deliver the goods. Our assignment: share the details about Clemson University’s end-of-year fundraising totals, to sustain donor momentum for the coming year and say thanks to everyone who gave.

Clemson wanted long- and short-form videos with motion graphics for specific giving metrics. Our client saw these as the core of the videos, with highlights from pick-up on-camera interviews, b-roll and drone footage of Clemson students, faculty and the campus.

Our challenge was to integrate this legacy video content seamlessly with new motion graphics. We roped in a videographer we’ve worked with for years, Alex LaCasse at MTN LLC, and Stewart Rosburg, at Tell Strategic Design, for motion graphics.

Together, we recommended a story-driven approach to these videos, where people were as important as the numbers.

Stories move people — not statistics

With motion graphics comprising most of the video, it was vital to show donors the impact their gifts have on students and faculty. We created a narrative arc about the Clemson Family, making it more engaging with moments that humanized the year’s donation metrics.

The Clemson Tiger Paw is one of the most iconic brands in higher education and we know how much the school means to the Upstate. The fact that Clemson had a record-breaking year for fundraising is headline news, but the real power of this story lies in the effect this generosity has on people.

radii is still a B2B shop, but we’re looking forward to doing more videos for Clemson Forever. We always tell prospects that our consumer marketing experience adds value to our B2B work, keeping it tight and focused, and aiming for an emotional connection with their audience.

Does your brand engage with your prospects on an emotional level?

If not, give us a call and we’ll work together to change that.

Additional Edits:

Long-form video:

The long-form video (4:20) includes on-camera interviews with students and faculty.

Twitter video:

We edited a Twitter version (:20) for Clemson’s president to announce the year’s record-breaking donations.

Jay Kirkman

Jay works on the front end of assignments, developing strategies and creative concepts, and writing copy. A self-described "engineering groupie," he thrives on talking to engineers about their work and using their insights in the content we develop.