Jay Kirkman, Partner - radii B2B brand management and development
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Jay Kirkman, radii

Jay Kirkman


  • Writer
  • Brand, strategy and content development
  • New biz


Jay started as a writer in Detroit, working on Chrysler-Plymouth, Dodge, Ford, Jeep and Lincoln-Mercury. He moved to Greenville, SC for a chance to work on consumer brands — Chris-Craft, Mount Gay Rum, Hanes, Fantastik Spray Cleaner and Spray’n’Wash.


In 1986, he opened his own shop and started working on industrial and B2B brands. His 30+ years of experience comes in handy on technology- and engineering-driven accounts — companies whose work is far removed from the consumer experience, but that play vital roles in their customers’ business.


Today, Jay works on branding and content, with a side gig in radii biz dev. He collaborates with partners and clients on brand development, positioning, messaging and voicing (this includes internal discussions about the Oxford comma that remain unresolved).


radii relationships start with diligence — learning about the business, customers, prospects, competitors and the markets. Jay works on that and content development for websites, social, video and collateral.


His goal is to make branded content more effective by being factual, conversational and likeable. This typically involves dialing in on the prospect’s pain points, keeping the focus on their experience and what our clients do to make that better.


As for personal stuff… he reads and listens to music. Likes to get together with family and friends. And exercises semi-religiously, to mitigate the effect of spills and wipeouts over the years.

Jay’s Recent Posts

Ready to work with people who get it?

Contact Jay Kirkman at 864.630.8337 or email.