A client-agency relationship that started in 2007 is still going strong - radii
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A client-agency relationship that started in 2007 is still going strong

Integrated Power Services - IPS

A friend and former colleague once told me that agencies start losing clients the day they win their business. I laughed when she said it, but the remark stuck with me and I’ve always wanted to prove her wrong.

So here we are 25 years later and I can point to clients we’ve worked with for ten-plus years and clients that are coming up on that magic number.

And then there’s IPS, a startup we’ve worked with since 2007. We were there at the beginning, naming and branding the company, launching its marketing, and we’ve been tending to the brand and the relationship ever since.

Today, that start-up is the leading independent power services provider in the U.S. It’s grown from eleven locations to 30 and established its brand authority with both customers and OEMs.

See how we’re doing it in this case study.

Jay Kirkman

Jay works on the front end of assignments, developing strategies and creative concepts, and writing copy. A self-described "engineering groupie," he thrives on talking to engineers about their work and using their insights in the content we develop.