The Company

  • Based in Greenville, SC and serving markets coast to coast
  • Custom RFID application development & integration
  • Event & venue management, asset tracking and distribution

The Opportunity

In January 2010, we started working with a Greenville, SC-based company called HackTrac. Founded in 2004, HackTrac was a leading RFID integrator in the brick and refractories market, tracking one billion-plus bricks annually.

Lance Burnett, CEO, wanted to position his company to move into new markets, including event management, clinical care and distribution.

The Solution

We rebranded the company as Stark RFID and developed the tagline, “Make every move count,” reinforcing the brand’s value as a real-time location system offering data for analytics and business intelligence.

Company rebrand
Brand extensions for market-specific messaging
Powerful visual identity
Value proposition for the C-suite
A website to fuel biz development

Brand extensions for market-specific messaging

We created brand extensions to deliver the brand’s core messaging to vertical markets —

Stark EM
Event and venue management for stadiums, golf tournaments, museums, concert halls and street festivals
Stark CG
Consumer goods Inventory management and asset tracking
Stark FG
Finished goods inventory and supply chain management
Stark MD
Medical device and pharmaceutical asset tracking for the clinical environment

Powerful visual identity

The Stark RFID look and feel defines the brand and helps it stand out in its key market segments — access control/business analytics, supply chain and inventory management, and asset management. We keep the focus on the company’s integration of customized software and RFID technology, and their key advantages over barcoding.

A value proposition for the C-suite

In 2000, RFID was the next big thing — the technology that would sweep barcoding away. It didn’t happen, because companies had made substantial investments in barcoding and were reluctant to implement wholesale changes to their IT. We target the C-suite in all of our marketing, to make sure they understand the return on investment, how Stark RFID solutions out-perform barcoding, and how integration occurs with a small footprint and minimal disruption.

A website to fuel biz development

Stark RFID has focused its marketing on its website and highly customized business development strategies. We’ve completely overhauled the website twice since 2010, to reflect the company’s growth and opportunities in event management (the latest site iteration drove inquiries from 100 per month to 1100). Once these inquiries have been reviewed and assessed, the company’s biz development kicks into gear, with highly targeted messaging that focuses on the individual needs of the prospect.

The Results

In 2009, Stark RFID had a solid business with brick and building supply manufacturers. Today, it has those clients plus new clients in event management, including the PGA, the Atlanta Braves, Duke University, Summer Camp Music Festival and the Zombie Pub Crawl in Minneapolis, a street festival that attracts 50,000 fun-loving zombies every year.

Give us a call at 864.421.9121 and we’ll share the details.

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