Jay Kirkman talks about global marketing in Statesville, NC

global-business-presentationSTATESVILLE, NC, February 10, 2016 — One of our favorite clients, Mac Steele at J.C. Steele & Sons, invited Jay to talk to the Statesville Chamber of Commerce’s International Business Group, owners and senior management of Statesville-area companies that do business around the world. Reporters from the Statesville Free News and Statesville Record & Landmark also attended:

> Statesville Free News article

> Statesville Record & Landmark article

It was a chance to meet some good people and share some of the principles that guide our B2B brand development and management. Jay would like to note for the record, however, that he never uses the word “utilize.” Ever.

Also, the reference to distilling a marketing message down to the front and back of a data sheet was in reference to the obsolescence of multi-page brochures. We like to distill a marketing message down to a paragraph. Or a sentence, whenever possible.

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